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I'm Arrie (pronounced like airy or aerie)

I grew up playing in the woods just north of Nacogdoches, alone a lot as a child. I learned how to sway in the winds like the loblolly pines. To be on the lookout for danger, while enjoying the peace of the woods. 

Throughout high school and college I dove into the art and craft of theatre. I mostly managed and designed for shows which taught me the immense value in precise and kind language. Theatre, and its empathetic craft and community orientation has marked my soul. It is so important to listen carefully to others, and continue to play your own role fully. 

I started practicing yoga toward the end of my college experience after having spent way too much time living an overachieving lifestyle, although that overachieving lifestyle made its way into my yoga practice and only a year after I started practicing I began a yoga teacher training. 

This was a trajectory-shifting event which eventually led to teaching yoga in Chicago and Austin before returning back to Nacogdoches. Teaching yoga brought an unexpected level of satisfaction, meaningfulness, and allowed for a healthy lifestyle. 

Several years into teaching I was craving more depth in my training, this led to pursuing a master's degree in transpersonal ecopsychology from Naropa University. This experience deepened and clarified my knowledge of philosophy, psychology, and meditation. Graduate school was a paradigm shifting experience for me.  I found clarity in understanding my place in the world and the interconnectedness of it all.


Elena Wolf? Who's that? 

“For me, soul recovery is central to healing. In order to be whole and able to operate with the best and brightest parts of our beings, we may need to recover parts of ourselves that have gone missing.”

-Robert Moss from his book Active Dreaming

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 7.41.44 AM.png

I met Elena in a book group years ago, and we have been meeting over coffee and muffins ever since to discuss philosophy, people, nature, and our own Journeys.


Like me, Elena was born and raised right here in Nacogdoches. She attended UT Austin as a Plan II and English major. For the next decade after graduating with her B.A., she worked a variety of office jobs ranging from a travel agency to the Tulane library to a gourmet food distributor in New Orleans, all the while writing and exploring herself and her relationships with others.

2016 brought about some radical changes for Elena: she gave birth to her son and began the intense self-discovery process of motherhood. Personality typology systems, like The Enneagram, Meyer-Briggs, and others, offered a language and a perspective that helped her to understand and communicate her deepest gifts of seeing patterns, discovering connections and deeper meanings in events and choices, and finding practical uses for these insights in life and relationships. 

This interest led to Elena enrolling in the Sumiloff Academy to become a Certified Integration Mentor. Leveraging her knowledge of personality typology and the 4 People Within method, and her lifetime interest in people, she has been working one-to-one with clients as an integration and alignment mentor since the spring of 2020. 

Over the last two years, Elena has also immersed herself in Norse shamanism, studying with the esteemed Dario Nardi, Ph.D. She has been facilitating others in drum-guided journeys since early 2021, and spent a year working with case study clients to explore shamanic journeys as a means to heal disconnection with emotions and intuition. She has a particular interest in using journeying to access unconscious material and retrieve the wisdom of the deepest self. She'll be offering these drum-guided journeys.

Beth Mulholland

Beth headshot.jpeg.webp

Beth is another collaborator in this work to create a caring and healing community. Beth is passionate about helping other souls through their own unique spiritual awakening. She does this through Soul Coaching where she helps you connect to, and understand the language of your soul. 


Beth's sessions help connect you to your own "Higher Self" "Soul" or whatever you might want to call it. She believes that your soul is calling you into your sovereignty and believes she canI help you shift into alignment with your soul. This pathless path is extremely difficult to go through and Beth is here to help guide you through it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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